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Robert Sexton


I’ve been mushing dogs since 2001. I started out running in Idaho, Montana, and Washington. I first started out running smaller sprint races, and built on from there to mid-distance. I enjoy the sport and racing is part of my goals. I do a few other things involving dogs outside of running my own team. One of my dreams, besides running Iditarod, is an organization called Ikidarod. This is a non-profit organization working with children with disabilities. I also manage one of the Iditarod qualifying races, the Knik 200. 



Christina Rose


I moved up to alaska in 2008. I worked at a coffee stand, and met Robert and his wife Sandra. They got me started in mushing. At first I started out as Roberts dog handler (feeding the dogs, scooping poo and caring for the dogs.) Then I ran the dogs and loved it from the moment I got on the runners. Since then I have added dogs to what robert had and we share the kennel. Now I want to race and qualify for the Yukon Quest. I look forward to running them with Robert in the near future. As well as wanting to be an Yukon Quest musher, I want to be a veterinarian Technician/photographer . I'm also looking forward to being a big part in the Ikidarod Organization.


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